Summer 2014
Hands On! Hearts On! Minds On!
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Boost your science skills and learning power — and yeah — have fun too!

The Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence is a national awardee of the NASA — Summer of Innovation (SoI) program. TEWS — Space Race is based on The Earth We ShareTM (TEWS) international science camp programs developed by Dr. Mae Jemison that have been held across the U.S. and internationally since 1994. TEWS-Space Race will use SoI content and focus on aviation, aerospace and space exploration to teach STEM concepts while building problem solving and critical thinking skills. Students work in teams with teachers as their guides to solve problems like - “Design an exercise program and program and equipment to keep teenagers healthy on Mars!” or “Should we try to develop a weather machine?” or “Design an energy system to power our trip to Io” or “Food? What are we going to do for food on the way to Alpha Centuri?” or “Solve this problem: How many people can the Earth hold?”     

 Hands On! Hearts On! Minds On!

At the end of each program week, the students present their solutions to the entire TEWS-Space Race camp and visitors. Presentations are an integral part of the camp and will take place at exciting venues such as museums select camp sites in the Los Angeles area — and may be broadcast over the Internet right here on the TEWS-Space Race Website!

Student teams are supported in their exploration with field trips to museums, planetariums, geological sites, university laboratories, NASA centers and with hands-on activities with visits from guest teachers, NASA and Aviation and Aerospace experts to really explore and solve their Discovery Topic.

Magic of Flight

Each week following the student presentations, the students will experience a hands-on, up close and personal adventure at the California Science Center with its countless displays of science, aviation, exploration and demonstrations of everyday STEM including the “Hands on Science Camp” and home of Space Shuttle Endeavor in late 2014.


ReBoost—Fall Recruitment  

 Summer camp participants will also have access on-line mini-achievements and competition, chats and conversation with explorer’s, celebrities excited about space and flight and other exciting folks you might not get to meet otherwise. 

See the STUDENT page or TEACHER page for more specific information that applies to you.